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Let's pork up your marketing plan. People watch advertisements and some of them will take notice. Consumers love prizes and they all hope to win.

And there you have it - the reason why people will remember your product if they learned of it through an exciting competition. Hope, fun, excitement - it all goes hand in hand with what our target audience recalls about your brand.

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Some of our brilliant prizes

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What they say about the pig

I highly, highly, highly recommend Prize Pig to everyone, every start-up and every small business.

RACHITA SAINI Super-Heroes Domestic Services

A fabulous way to get our product out to a wide range of potential customers. We got on Kyle&Jackie show, being in start-up, how do you do that otherwise?


Before I found Prize Pig it used to feel almost impossible for me to get my brand out there without spending huge amounts of money.


Not only is Prize Pig a fantastic cost + time effective way for Bottlepops to achieve media space plus we cannot speak highly enough of the Prize Pig team! They have been fantastic in every way from day one, we are really pleased with all the promotions we have been involved in and look forward to many more! Thanks again Prize Pig much appreciated, The Bottlepops team!  

Steve Brooks Director & National Sales Manager

I’ve been augmenting our marketing with Prize Pig campaigns to create the pop and sizzle that makes us appear to be "everywhere." For a very good price, we get big company exposure on our modest ad budget.

Prize Pig is an amazing and very affordable service! The team is great and they have access to a lot of opportunities. If you need to get in front of the public, Prize Pig is where you go :)  

Sarah Saputra Founder
Belle Fever

Prize Pig has been a TRUE game changer for STUDIO10.

With the format of our morning show including daily giveaways–Amanda and her team have taken so much of the stress away. It’s a win win scenario. STUDIO10 gets great gifts to giveaway and Amanda gets her clients priceless exposure.

From sourcing novel products and vouchers to getting them to us on time and without a fuss, we are huge fans of PRIZE PIG!!  

Raelene Metlitzky Integration Manager Studio 10
Channel 10
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